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Tanora Sanders, a rising senior at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University majoring in journalism and mass communications with a concentration in Mass Media Production, whom you may have heard in the Triad Area (Greensboro, High Point, and Winston Salem) as a radio personality for A&T’s radio station—WNAA 90.1 FM, has been blessed with a great opportunity this upcoming fall to both study and intern abroad in Rome, Italy!

Originally from Brooklyn, New York; Tanora has created this campaign  to raise donations to help  afford this great studying abroad experience. Tanora states; “I’ve decided to study abroad in Rome because I had many Italian influences growing up in New York. The culture has held my infatuation since a child. Not enough of exchanges (or visits to Little Italy) could possibly equate to being given the opportunity to visit the country and immerse myself into the Italian society. I remember telling myself that I when I get older, I’m going to leave the states and relocate to Italy.”

As a first generation college student and therefore,the first in her family to take the initiative to study abroad, Tanora looks forward to meeting students with various backgrounds that are also attracted to the idea of broadening and advancing their higher learning at a foreign institution. During this experience, Tanora wants to document it and add this trip to her creative portfolio. She also wants to launch a website or digital magazine exclusive to African Americans along with other P.O.C. who are passionate about lifestyle, travel and servicing other countries and their communities during their vacation.

Statistics shows that currently only 6.1% of black student study abroad nationally. Which is  incredibly low! Though there are grants that black students receive for attending a minority serving institution or for merely being a minority, its insufficient to afford these programs that cost $10,000+ a semester.  Tanora state; “This needs to be discussed because black students are missing out on earning employment opportunities that can grant them managerial/supervisor roles and culturally enriching experiences because they can’t afford to study abroad or simply don’t.” Tanora also wants to call attention and action to helping other black students who desire to study internationally but can’t because of financial barriers. Scholarships aren’t guaranteed and when there are black students that are denied scholarships said, they have to discuss alternatives to pay this outstanding balance. Unlike our white counterparts, we don’t have resources or connections to organizations or people that can help cover the bill. There needs to be a national campaign and more conversation about the lack of black students studying abroad.

Tanora would like to thank everyone who have given their time, patience, and interest into her campaign.  Also, she appreciates all efforts into helping her pay her fees, if you so happen to be a helping hand. She wants to thank  everyone for allowing her to continue to build the foundation to a brighter and more proactive future!




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