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Butler High School, Charlotte, NC

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The pep rally

The Pep Rally serves as your introduction to the HBCU experience. We feature a HBCU marching band, a DJ and music performers, the high school's student talents, Greek representatives, clips from Homecoming, and more!

an interactive Peer Panel

We prepare a series of questions exploring the HBCU experience and arrange a panel of HBCU alumni who range in background, age, and career. We also incorporate clips of "A Different World" to transition between categories and keep the audience engaged.

the hbcu fair

HBCU representatives come prepared to teach about their legacy, perform on the site admissions, discuss financial aid, and possibly award scholarships In 2017 we hosted our largest Hillman Experience event at West Charlotte Hs; the students were rewarded over 1 million dollars in scholarships!

black wall street

Many schools love to include this feature as it really emphasizes the homecoming atmosphere. We invite Black Business vendors, food trucks, and community resources to participate.

bring the experience to your school!

HPN will plan and execute the Hillman Experience custom to your school needs and budget!


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"I loved my HBCU so much I couldn't think of a better way to give back to the community. I wouldn't be a successful business woman today if it were not for someone believing in me. It's my responsibility to pay it forward"
Tamela Abernathy, HBCU Alumna
"The best part was the panel. I don't know anyone in college so I had a lot of questions. Sometimes I don't even know what to ask but I know I need help."
Richard Hirschler, High School Junior
"I was nervous to attend the college fair because I thought HBCU's were only for Black kids. I learned a lot about their history and I'm even thinking about applying to Howard! It looks so cool!"
Ann Wyn, High School Senior
"My kids will remember this experience the rest of their lives. It's important that we show and teach our children that they are capabe of anything and HPN did so very well! I had just as much fun as the kids and learned a lot of new information about Black Colleges.
Nicole Anderson, High School Teacher