Morehouse has a new Gender Policy

By. Crystal Tysinger | @tpp_inc      

July 23, 2019

Accepting people for who they are is becoming a major problem in society today. No matter what people want to identify as, or want to be, everyone should be comfortable in their own skin without being judged by others. To make life easier for all people a well known HBCU took it upon themselves to create a policy that accepts everyone.

Morehouse College, an all male institute founded in 1867 has made a few changes to who they will allow to be admitted into the school. Morehouse believes in continuing a gendered language that reflects the identity of a male college. Therefore, Morehouse will now accept all individuals who identify themselves as a male no matter the gender assigned to them at birth. Their goal is to send their graduates out to flourish and make a positive impact in the world. By them allowing all people who identify as males enter the college is positive and shows that others are not judged, but welcomed into any environment no matter their sex, religion, gender, or beliefs. When students are admitted into the institution they receive the individualized support which is essential to the Morehouse experience. At Morehouse College they are striving to make each student comfortable in their own skin.

Morehouse still remains an all male college meaning that if a student decides they would like to change their gender to a female, they will not be allowed to attend Morehouse College. Also current students who begin to self identify as a woman will be offered guidance to choose the correct path for that particular student. This abides by the all male rule, which students must follow at all times. For individuals that identify as gender non-confirming or gender non-binary are also welcomed to apply and are allowed to attend Morehouse College. They understand that not all people identify themselves as transgender so that is why they will allow the students who do not identify as a gender to apply and be admitted. Each student at Morehouse no matter what they identify as will be addressed as “The men of Morehouse” they are not changing the pronouns they use at the institution to address the student body or the alumni better known as “Morehouse Men.” When it comes to addressing the student as an individual Morehouse will honor the students wishes and address them as they please instead of using “he”, “him”, or “his.”

Along with respecting the students wishes on being addressed, Morehouse College will also not require a certain dress code. Students will still be allowed to express themselves as they please through their clothing. This policy will take effect in the year 2020, any student that applies before then will not be admitted into the institution. Morehouse has taken a big step towards acceptance in the college community with their new gender rule. It allows students to be accepted for who they are without being judged by the way they identify on the application and still allows all students to receive an education no matter who they are. 

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