Dreams Do Come True

By. Crystal Tysinger | @tpp_inc

July 9, 2019

Young tennis athlete Cori Gauff took the world by storm with her amazing win against Venus Williams. Gauff was not considered a professional until her stunning victory against the legendary Venus Williams. Cori Gauff is from Atlanta Georgia and started her tennis career at the age of seven. While most tennis players picked up their first racquet at the age of three young Gauff was destined for greatness no matter her late start. In 2018 Gauff was recognized as the second youngest winner of the Junior French open from there people saw her progress and she moved her way to the top. 

The French open was only the beginning for young Gauff as she was chosen to compete in Wimbledon against her tennis hero Venus Williams. The tennis star Venus Williams has seven grand slams, 45 titles, and 670 overall wins, not to mention 20 years of experience under her belt. Although these statistics are quite intimidating, it did not stop Gauff from pushing forward and fighting even harder than she has before. Gauff is known to play with experience, intelligence, and is focused in every match. She says, “I literally don’t play with any pressure, I just tell myself whatever happens, happens.  I mean my motto is just, like, wing it.”  

Throughout the match Gauff was noticed to be quite calm and very focused not the least bit intimidated by her tennis hero standing right across from her. She continued to pace herself throughout the match and it ended in victory for the young athlete. After the match Gauff was brought to tears as she had come to realization that she was living her dream. She states, “I never thought this would happen. I’m literally living my dream right now. And not a lot of people get to say that.” Although Gauff came out victorious she still paid her respects to her hero, Venus Williams. She says, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her, and I was just telling her that she’s so inspiring. Like, I always wanted to tell her that. And even though I met her before, I guess now I have the guts to.” This is truly a remarkable girl in the making and she has got the world watching her as she progresses through her tennis career. She has shown many people that dreams really do come true no matter the circumstances, good luck Cori, keep striving for greatness!!!

Information from Los Angeles Times

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